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Our goals

We'll boost your understanding of taxes & finances with our strategies and planning.

We want you to understand your unique tax situation. Our tax professionals are available for tax advice and consulting to help you make sense of always-changing tax regulations and laws. Don’t spend hours trying to prepare your own returns, and don’t waste your time in a tax office. Instead, upload documents at your own pace and let a professional handle the rest.

Stop wasting time on taxes. Stop trying to find answers on your own. Get connected with a licensed, US-based expert and have a professional handle your tax and advisory needs online right away.

Meet Our Team

President & Owner

Qasim Mahmood

Qasim Mahmood is the owner and president of 3Qs CPA Inc. With over 2 decades
of experience in Accounting, Auditing and Taxes he is a Trusted name in

Qasim Mahmood is the owner and president of 3Qs CPA Inc. He completed his
master’s degree in accounting from Franklin University. With over 2 decades
of experience in Accounting, Auditing and Taxes he is a Trusted name in
taxes. While working on his degree and passing his exams Qasim Mahmood has
owned a small business himself and was very much aware of the unique
challenges and issues a small business can run into, especially when it comes
to taxes. He is member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants,
Ohio Certified Public Accountant Association and Franklin Alumni Association.
During his off hours Qasim enjoys reading, world travel and devotes himself
to his family. He volunteers with SCORE a nonprofit organization providing
comprehensive guidance to individuals who are about to launch or thinking of
launching new business ventures.
As a financial adviser, Qasim Mahmood also provides comprehensive and
personal financial planning that is based upon individual needs and
circumstances, with both a broad new view and from a place of experience.
Client Service Manager

Khadija Elhadi

Khadija Elhadi is the Client Relations Manager at 3Qs CPA. She joined us in 2021.

My name is Khadija Elhadi, the Client Relations Manager at 3Qs CPA, I joined the company this year, Bashlor degree in Arts, Master degree in junior high/middle school education, I also studied nursing and health care management when I came to the US in 2006
I studied abroad and got my Bachelor's of English Literature in Art from Shouaib Eddokali University -El-Jadida, Morocco, My Master in Junior high education from L`Institut National de Formation a l'Enseignement.
I have also an Associate of Nursing from the Carrington college in Boise Idaho and several diplomas and certificates from Harvard School of Arts and John Hopkins University
I worked as an educator for 4 years than in the health care field for 13 years as a nurse and then as a care coordinator and office manager.
I speak 3 different languages: Arabic, French, and English
Happily married and have 2 daughters aged 12 and 13
I like to travel, hike and learn new languages. I am also on the Youth Committee at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center

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